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Vacant Lot Maintenance

Owners of vacant lots should keep weeds mowed to less than eight inches in height. Weeds on scraped lot hills also need to be mowed, cut or pulled. Stagnant water needs to be drained from the site in order to reduce mosquito populations.

Stagnant water on vacant lots can be eliminated or reduced if developers do not scrape their property too early before construction of the home. Ultimately, construction should begin within 30 days after a lot is scraped.

Complaints about unmaintained vacant lots can be filed by calling the environmental health department at 476-6729 or by sending an e-mail to

After a complaint is filed, property owners have five days to cut the weeds to less than eight inches in height; this includes weeds on top of dirt mounds. If the lot is not mowed, the City of Fargo pays a private mower and then collects that cost from the property owner, adding $25 to the bill as an administration fee.

Examples of unmaintained lots:

  Weeds on lot

Scaped lot with weeds on hill

Scaped lot with water and weeds