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Access Television

The City of Fargo operates two channels on the Cable One system in Fargo.
You can find schedule information for each station using the links at left.

Access 99

This is the public access channel. It is broadcast on Cable ONE digital channel 68. Access 99 features programs submitted by Fargo residents, as well as a mix of other shows, including dancing, cooking, painting, golf, movies and other programs. Visit the Access 99 homepage directly at

TV Fargo 12

This channel focuses on government programming. You can see TV Fargo on channel 12 or on Cable ONE digital channel 56. It includes:

  • live city government meetings and rebroadcasts of these meetings.
  • programs related to the work of city departments.
  • programs from state and federal agencies.
  • programs from other public agencies.

Visit the TV Fargo 12 homepage directly at

Your input

We'd love to hear about your favorite programs on either channel!  Please send your feedback by e-mail or call our viewer hotline at 476-5999. You can also use this e-mail address to ask questions about programs appearing on the access channels.

If you have comments about the customer service or channel selection provided by Cable One please contact us via e-mail. *Cable One is not provided a monopoly by the City of Fargo. Additional cable companies are invited and encouraged to offer service in Fargo.

TV Fargo 12

Access 99 TV