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City Administrator

Fargo has a City Administrator reporting directly to the Mayor and the City Commission.  Duties and responsibilities include: 

  • the coordination and oversight of all city departments' functions.
  • representing the city at local, state, regional and national meetings.
  • acting as a liaison for the city between local, state and federal governmental entities.
  • providing assistance in the development of personnel policies, health and safety standards, wages and disciplinary procedures.

This top administrative position leads all department heads in developing operating policies for city functions and personnel.  The city administrator is a member of the mayor's cabinet and holds decision-making responsibilities on finance, health, and technology committees.  The city administrator is also a member of various ad hoc committees established by the mayor and City Commission to address concerns of the citizens or issues of importance to the city.

City departments which work directly with the City Administrator include:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Fargo Cass Public Health
  • Engineering Department
  • Utilities: Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste
  • Operations: Streets, Mains and Hydrants, Forestry, Central Garage
  • Finance: Assessor's Office, Special Assessments, Collections
  • Human Resources
  • Transit
  • Planning (Community Development Block Grants)
  • Inspections

Other departments which have indirect involvement of the city administrator related to personnel issues include: Airport, Library, Civic Auditorium, Municipal Court

While the city administrator does not have authority to hire or fire department heads, responsibilities for discipline and recommendations to employ eligible persons for available positions fall within this position's duties. Educational requirements for this position are a college degree and graduate degree with at least five years of public administration experience.

You can reach the City Administrator, Bruce Grubb, at 241-1310 or via  email .