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How to Build a Sandbag Dike

It is important to build sandbag dikes properly for the safety of residents and to ensure structural integrity.

The North Dakota State University Extension Service offers detailed instructions on what type of sandbags to use, how to properly fill a sandbag and how to construct a sandbag dike.

The NDSU Extension Service and the City of Fargo do not endorse commercial products or companies even though reference may be made to tradenames, trademarks or service names.


Sandbagging Safety Tips - Produced by NDSU Extension Service

Building a Sandbag Dike - Produced by NDSU Extension Service


Cul de sac Kits

During an emergency, Cul de sac kits may be delivered to at risk neighborhoods. These kits include:

  • Instructions
  • 24 shovels
  • 4-pallets
  • 10,000 empty bags
  • 5 buckets
  • 20 twist tie tools
  • 5,000 rebar ties
  • 3 express baggers
  • Tarp
  • 3 rolls poly
  • Sand delivered to kit location