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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Aerial of treatment plant
The City of Fargo owns and operates a wastewater treatment plant which treats all wastewater generated from residential, commercial and industrial entities in Fargo. In addition, the plant treats wastewater from outside entites such as Reile’s Acres, Highland Park, North River, Frontier, Prairie Rose, Briarwood, Oxbow and the Southeast Cass Sewer District. 

The wastewater plant has the capacity to treat an average daily flow of 15 million gallons per day (MGD) of domestic-strength sewage. The peak pumping capacity of the facility is 29 MGD. 

Treated water from the plant is discharged continuously by gravity flow to the Red River. However, when the river stage reaches 20 feet or higher, the treated water is pumped from the plant to the city’s wastewater stabilization ponds (lagoons) where it is stored until it can be discharged to the Red River.  The lagoons are also used when the water quality does not meet discharge quality standards as required by the city’s permit from the state of North Dakota. Byproducts of the treatment process, primarily grit and biosolids are hauled to the city landfill for disposal. 

The plant operates in accordance with North Dakota Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit number ND-0022870. 

Storm water, which includes runoff from the streets from rain or melting snow, goes through a separate system of sewers directly to the Red River.