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Water Treatment Plant

waterplantThe City of Fargo owns and operates a water treatment plant capable of producing 30 million gallons per day (MGD) in accordance with United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and North Dakota Department of Health regulations. 

On the average, we treat almost 11 million gallons of water per day, with a peak summer demand of around 23 million gallons. Treated drinking water is pumped into the water distribution system by the high service pump station located on 13th Avenue South and 5th Street. The station pressurizes the entire water distribution system. 

There are nine water towers in the system, two 1-million gallon tanks and seven one-half million gallon tanks. The water towers provide storage for fire protection and peak demand periods. 

Byproducts of the water treatment process, primarily lime sludge, are hauled to the city landfill where they are used for daily cover.

The regulation of drinking water by the federal government began with the 1976 Safe Drinking Water Act. New and more stringent regulations have been added by the EPA almost every year since then.  The drinking water industry is the most heavily regulated industry in the country.

Expansion project

View of expansion
A expansion of the Water Treatment Plant is underway to improve water quality and increase the plant's capacity. Learn more and see renderings of what it will look like! 


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