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Fargo Sister Cities

The City of Fargo has two "sister cities":  Hamar, Norway and Vimmerby, Sweden.

Hamar became a sister city to Fargo in 1974 through Sister Cities International, a non-profit network which aims to strengthen relationships between the U.S. and other nations.  You can learn more about Sister Cities International on the group's Web site.

Hamar's mayor and city administrator visited Fargo in 2013. The mayor and town clerk also visited in 1974. A delegation from Fargo visited Hamar in 1975. Since that time, officials from the two countries have made international visits every few years.  You can learn more about this sister city on the Web.

Vimmerby became a sister city of Fargo and Moorhead in 1987.  Officials have exchanged visits between cities five times since this partnership began.  The Vimmerby tourist bureau offers more information about this city.

Mayors Hamar 
Hamar leaders visit Fargo 2013: Hamar Mayor Morten Aspeli, Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker & Hamar CEO Martin W. Kulild.

Sobolik with Mayor
Hamar leaders visit Fargo 2013: Fargo City Commissioner Melissa Sobolik, Hamar CEO Martin W. Kulild & spouse, Hamar Mayor Morten Aspeli & spouse, Mr. Sobolik.