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Emergency Preparedness


Fargo and Cass County are part of a six-county region established by the state to plan for public health emergencies. The other counties in our region are Ransom, Richland, Sargent, Steele and Traill. A coordinator and a public information officer based in Fargo serve these counties. Their work is funded in part by federal grants.

The Emergency Preparedness Division focuses on planning, training and conducting training exercises for all public health-related emergencies such as bioterrorism, pandemic flu and natural disasters. They also provide educational materials on preparing for emergencies at home and at work.

You can reach the Emergency Preparedness Division at 701-241-1360 or

Become prepared by going to the City of Fargo emergency planning page, or the Center's for Disease Control and Prevention page.


In a public health emergency, we might need to distribute medication or give vaccinations to everyone in the community. We would do this by setting up a central location where residents could come to receive the treatment they need.

The public health departments in Cass, Ransom, Richland, Sargent, Steele and Traill counties are looking for ordinary people who will become heroes in an emergency by serving their community at these distribution sites. Joint the Public Health Emergency Volunteer Reserve today!